Scratchy Kitty

Scratchy Kitty - MegaGifts
Scratchy Kitty - MegaGifts
Scratchy Kitty - MegaGifts
Scratchy Kitty - MegaGifts
Scratchy Kitty - MegaGifts

Scratchy Kitty

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Is your cat bored and lacking motivation?

Get this Scratchy Kitty cordion to motivate and entertain it!

Cats are always looking for ways to play, and random cardboard boxes aren't the answer. The Scratchy Kitty is specifically designed to appeal to a cat's natural predatory instinct, providing hours of fun and stimulation.



  • A Healthier Way of Life: Cats are designed to be active. In fact, laziness can lead to problems such as throwing up and weight gain. In a matter of minutes, the Cordion can entice even the most picky of kitties into a full-body workout.
  • Not Another Scratch: The Scratchy Kitty Cordion can endure even the sharpest claws and works as a scratch-board. You may relax knowing that their tiny yet powerful paws won't damage your furniture.
  • Fun shaped cat Scratcher: Cats of all ages will enjoy putting their claws into this Scratchy Kitty toy which has a fun shape that's great for stretching and playing on. No cat can resist playing and grinding its claws. Additionally, it can serve as a bed for young kittens to rest in.
  • Aids in Anxiety Relief: Boredom causes anxiety and stress in one out of every three cats. The Scratchy Kitty  can help reduce stress levels in cats by providing appropriate stimulation, making them happier and healthier.


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  • Undefined shape which means that you can shape it however you like.
  • Cat ball track is connected by the magnets at both ends. You can create toys of different shapes by connecting them and flipping them. Additionally, the magnets can connect various parts to create a huge cat tunnel, which is ideal for households with many cats.
  • The Scratchy Kitty toy has a mesh honeycomb design and is made from extremely dense corrugated paper. More importantly, the cat scratch pad is 50% more durable with this design than the standard ones.


Package includes:

- 1*cat scratching board

- 1* ball